CRM, ERP, Web and Helpdesk Integration

ORENCloud’s web phone and telephony API integration hooks enables simple to deep integration with your web based collaboration or productivity platforms.


Interact with ORENCloud

ORENCloud provides different ways for businesses to enable telephony facilities within your mobile apps, websites and productivity platforms like ERP, CRM and helpdesk systems.

These integrations are especially useful in a customer contact center environment or even a way to interact with visitors on your mobile apps or website.





Website (click to call)

Mobile apps




There are multiple ways we offer integration into your web based applications. ORENCloud offers different apps or even APIs to call and execute a call related function such as popping up a website, opening up a page with caller number or execute a function upon a call.




With some ERPs, CRM or helpdesk, we can provide a full functional phone facility inside the app itself. Here below is an example of integrating with Salesforce where the phone is directly embedded into the webpage of Salesforce for agents to call without using a software or hardware phone. This can also be phone numbers made as links which parses the number to the phone without the need to key in the number manually through the dialpad.




Get a phone on your website to let customers interact in a way never done before. This can increase engagement on your website beside using bots and chat. Extend your apps to enable VoIP telephony functionalities with Android or iOS, Windows or Mac. For example, if you have used Grab(tm) app on your iOS or Android, it has a call button/feature to reach drivers or riders and even reach their contact center directly through the app instead of dialing out to a PSTN line.